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pgstats.dev just got better!

It’s been 5 months since interactive Postgres Observability version — pgstats.dev was released. Since then I got plenty of comments and suggestions that helped me to implement several additions and changes to make this tool ever more useful to the Postgres community.

Here is an overview of key features that you will now see. 

Diagram changes:

  • views and functions’ labels are now aligned;
  • the arrows that used to be there to show the links between the blocks and stat labels are now gone and corresponding colours have been introduced to show their relations;
  • animation is now made smoother;
  • readability of inactive items has been improved by increasing the opacity.

Stat description pages (such as https://pgstats.dev/pg_stat_progress_create_index ) have also been updated to provide more information about future releases:

  • internal navigation is improved by adding links to the related items;
  • resources were added — external links with additional information;
  • versioning is now there, so that you can see how Postgres evolved from one version to another.

In future releases I will be working on extending the resources and changes sections and as always thank you for your feedback and comments. These are most appreciated. 

If you know somebody who could benefit from this representation please share!


Pgstats.dev is a dynamic realisation of PostgreSQL Observability diagram, which provides a simplified visual representation of PostgreSQL internals, functions and stats that provide information about specific database subsystems. 

Postgres Observability is maintained by Alexey Lesovsky and is one of Data Egret projects.

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